2024: the year of a solid collaboration

2024: the year of a solid collaboration

Supporting the Josep Carreras Foundation is a commitment that is part of the social responsibility and values of CAFF. 

One of the main values of our family business is the commitment and social responsibility, emphasizing our support for foundations and organisations through the participation in programmes that promote research, development, education and other social causes. 

A company is made up of people who in turn are part of a society, and these small actions, either at an individual or corporate level, bring nowadays large benefits and great changes for the future.

We have been collaborating with the Josep Carreras Foundation for many years. We would like to thank them for their researching work in the fight against leukaemia and other blood diseases. We consider that it is important to do our bit for this world-leading centre, whose work and dedication benefit so many people, not only patients and their families, but society as a whole .Supporting their excellent researching work is an ethical commitment for us, and it is above all a great satisfaction to feel part of this big family. 

Together we will succeed! 

CAFF team